Chronically ill or just want a better quality of life?

When is the last time someone actually spent an hour listening to your health concerns?

I would love to help!

I offer a complimentary first session.

Are you willing to invest the time and energy to create a more healthy you?

Whether you live with a chronic illness or are realizing that you have become less vital with age, my wellness coaching service could be just what you need!

Everyone has a personal story.  What you may not realize is that your body "listens" to the story and reflects it back to you.   (Ever heard the term "your biography is your biology"?  It's true!!)

Whatever your personal journey, its likely that stress, dietary imbalances, and sporadic exercise have played some part in the way you feel today.

For some, this has been compounded by  chronic viral infection  or other  chronic illness. 

Wellness coaching is an incredible tool for just these circumstances!

Through the coaching process,  you are empowered  to create a more self-aware and self-guided blueprint for your future health.

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Let the shadows fall behind you    Embrace your potential - live a healthier & more spirited life!