What is a Wellness Coach?

A Wellness Coach, also known as a Health Coach, is a professional who educates and supports a person in meeting health-related goals.   The job of a coach is multi-faceted: offering compassionate listening, guidance, accountability and cheerleading.

These one-on-one sessions are all about you

  • The first session is all about getting to know you and what is going on with you.   This really allows you to lay out all of your concerns and begin to get a sense of where you want to be.

  • As we unravel your current health concerns and imbalances, you may gain  peace of mind  through taking ownership of your health - a journey of education and self-exploration.

  • I will help you to  create a more solid partnership with your doctors  and other healthcare providers.

  • We will create action plans based on  your health goals  - incorporating  improved dietary and lifestyle habits.

  • The wellness coaching process is thorough and amazingly fun!   We meet twice monthly, over the phone or in my Denver office, for 6 months.  As our sessions evolve, you will be surprised at the difference in how you view your health and the renewed respect you have for your body and its healing abilities.

Contact me for a complimentary first session!