Jill worked with me for 6 months on problems pertaining to my digestion and colon.  She began with an extensive conversation about my health history.   Her approach was holistic, exploring diet, daily habits and supplement options.   We spoke twice a month.   She assessed my daily intake of vitamins and supplements and came up with some better alternatives.   She also sent me articles to explore healthy alternative approaches to my issues.   The first week working with Jill, I started a supplement to tonify, assist, & strengthen the digestive system, which made a significant difference to my daily comfort.   I've looked at my health in a different way thanks to our sessions.   The changes in my diet and supplement intake have had a real positive impact on my health.   I consider this time well spent and would highly recommend working with Jill.

AH - Austin, TX

Jill was truly phenomenal in helping me put my illness into perspective.  She really LISTENED to my concerns, and conducted a very thorough inquiry into my health history.  Jill is incredibly knowledgeable about wellness, and she diligently researched when new questions arose.   She opened my eyes to many possibilities for improving my health, and she persevered until we found a few key tools that I was comfortable with.   A year after I began to work with Jill, I continue to follow my new healthy habits and I am thrilled to report that I have gained a new and much deeper understanding of ways to improve my health, and thanks to her persistent and expert counsel, my body is healthier than it has been in many years.

MS - Austin, TX

I have known Jill for a number of years and we worked together for some time.   During this time I found Jill easy to talk with and to explain physical issues.   She led me to some holistic products that have made the issues so, so much better and gave me a lot of paperwork explaining these same issues.   All in all, the passion she shows in her dedication to helping others is so apparent and I can only wish her well in her journey along those lines.   I feel that there are so many of us just searching, but not knowing where to search for solutions other than drugs.

If you give Jill the time, she will help you and you will feel truly blessed, that I can assure you.

BI - Denver, CO

Jill and I have been working together in a peer coaching relationship for the past year.   She is an extremely well educated and informed person. When I bring up an issue related to health, she demonstrates an awareness of the latest research and resources to deal with the subject as well as many years of experience in knowing how to find solutions. I have a great deal of confidence in her guidance and integrity.   For example a close family member was dealing with tendonitis in an ankle that was not responding to medical treatment.   Jill introduced us to a product imported from Africa that gave him immediate relief from pain and discomfort.   She is a great listener and truly a warm and caring person. I unconditionally recommend her as a health and wellness coach.

CC in Vancouver WA